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Broadbridge Heath
West Sussex
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  • Jul 24 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Jul 25 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Jul 26 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Jul 29 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Jul 30 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Jul 31 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Aug 01 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Aug 02 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Aug 05 - Summer Activity Camp
  • Aug 06 - Summer Activity Camp

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Sport4Kids Horsham Sports and Recreation


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Horsham Sports and Recreation - Sport4Kids

Getting kids involved into any sport or activity is important for both their health and social skills and the best way to get them moving is with a free taster session in one of Sport4Kids Horsham skills classes; football, rugby, tennis, golf dance or academy. We have coaching and activity programs that take the best skills from around the world and break them down into teachable fun mini motor skill games.

Horsham Sport4Kids has qualified and certified trainers and practice@home programs and books to help your kids to fully achieve their potential whilst also having fun playing football, rugby, tennis, golf or taking part in dance.

Currently, we are offering Football and Rugby at The Bridge Leisure Centre.

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