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Arun Valley Pharmacy




38 Station Road

West Sussex
RH14 9SE


Telephone: 01403 786707

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More Info:

We intend to remain open both for prescriptions and for retail sales as much as possible from Monday to Saturday. Like other pharmacies, for social distancing or workload reasons, we may need to close our entrance doors briefly.

We also intend to answer the phone whenever we can, but there may be long periods when we are too busy. (In previous years, we have trialled the use of an answerphone, but this was unsuccessful.)

Our free delivery service is running normally for those already enrolled. We would be happy to discuss delivery arrangements with other customers, where they have an absolute need for this.

We kindly ask:

1) you respect the need for these special arrangements

2) you allow plenty of time for prescriptions (eg ten days from your order)

3) you avoid the pharmacy if you are at all unwell, even with just a cold - please send someone else

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