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Total Therapy Studios Online

July 8, 2020 | 8 a.m.

Our range of online classes every Wednesday is as follows:

8.00am - Pilates (Level 1/2) - Tammy
9.15am - Cardio and Weights (Level 2) - Tammy
10,00am - Pilates (Level 2/3) - Marina
10.30am - Pilates (Level 1/2) - Beth
11.30am - Pilates (Level 1/2) - Marina
12.30pm - Clinical Pilates (Level 2/3) - Sarah Dover-McCarthy
17.00pm - Clinical Pilates (Level 2/3) - Sarah Dover-McCarthy
19.00pm - Yoga Therapy (Level 2) - Natalie
20.30pm - Yoga Nidra (All) - Natalie

Since 2012 Total Therapy Studios has been the largest provider of classes in the local area. Therefore, it's no surprise that during the lockdown period in early 2020 we're delivering a huge range of online classes for new and existing clients.

All classes are delivered via the Zoom platform, and are fully interactive which means the instructors can see and correct you to ensure you're getting the most out of the class. For this reason, class numbers are limited to just 12 people to ensure a focus on you.

For more information about how we run our online classes, please see our website for more details -

All classes are priced at a single class credit, which is as little as £8.

For more details, please drop us a quck email to

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