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Women's Wellbeing Workshop

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SDM Total Therapy Studios

Dec. 10, 2023 | 10 a.m.

Nalini and Sarah Dover-McCarthy, uniting their skills once more with their quarterly women’s self care workshops, invite you to a peaceful morning, away from the crowds, to unwind, relax and escape for a while.

The three hours includes:
- Sarah will ease out your tension with muscle release techniques, gentle mobility and deep slow stretches that your body will love! A great start to the morning and the body.
- Michelle will take you through some soothing and stabilising breathwork techniques, an essential anchor for calming down physical and emotional stress and connecting you more deeply to yourself.
- Finishing with a long wonderfully soothing and uplifting 45 minute relaxation and visualization led by Nalini which will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and at ease - ready for the Christmas season.

Event Venue:SDM Total Therapy Studios

Event Promoter:Total Therapy Studios

Event Tags: #fitnesswellbeing #workshops

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