Horsham Facebook & Forum

Horsham Facebook

Horsham Facebook

The Horsham Facebook page was setup in 2008 and at the time we were unaware of any other 'hyperlocal' Facebook 'Pages' in the country.

With over 20,000 'fans' (in a town with a population of around 55,000) it has since become the largest media channel in Horsham.

Horsham Forum

The Horsham and Southwater Forum was created in 2005 and was an early example of a 'hyperlocal' website in the UK. It was also the first Horsham-wide community forum.

The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels in recent years have resulted in significantly less local people using forums to communicate.

As a result, and due to the ever increasing burden of fighting of spammers, we have decided to 'retire' the Horsham Forum at the end of August 2014.

If you wish to post anything Horsham related then please use the Horsham Facebook Page.

Thank you to all past Horsham Forum members for you contribution to the Horsham community.