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This page is all about Horsham Park as a 'location' and the several organisations which are located with the park.

For specific information about the park itself see The Park' profile in the business section below.

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"Your Aerial Adventure Starts Here!"
Horsham Park
01403 219219
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  • Jul 16 - Big Notes Choir Summer Gig - The REC Rooms
  • Jul 18 - Horsham BotB Covers Heat 1 - The REC Rooms
  • Jul 19 - Bamboozle - The REC Rooms
  • Jul 20 - Silent Disco - The REC Rooms
  • Jul 25 - Horsham BotB Originals Heat 1 - The REC Rooms
  • Jul 26 - Beat The Bullet - The REC Rooms

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