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Horsham Community Responders

About Horsham Community Responders:

We are volunteers for the ambulance service who provide immediate care to those in their community who have fallen ill.

What Calls Do We Go To?

Cardiac arrest
Unconscious or collapsed patients
Chest pain
Breathing difficulties
Minor trauma
Medical emergencies such as convulsions, hypoglycaemia and anaphylaxis

Calls We Don't Go To

Severe trauma
Spinal injuries
Industrial accidents
Road traffic collisions
Any accident involving violence of aggression
Alcohol or drug related incidents
Maternity of gynaecological emergencies

How Does It Work?

We are alerted of an incident by ambulance control at the same time as they are dispatching an ambulance
We mobilise and get to the scene as soon as possible, obeying speed limits
We may get to the scene before the ambulance, and will give vital lifesaving treatment and prevent the patient from getting any worse
We stay and work with the ambulance crew until told to stand down, providing care and reassurance to patients and relatives

Horsham Community Responders is a full Visit Horsham Member.


Horsham Community Responders is a full Visit Horsham Member.


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