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The Horsham Giraffe Trail took place in autumn 2013. It was a popular fundraising initiative from the Rotary Club of Horsham.

Local Horsham businesses and other organisations partnered with local artists and their chosen charities to decorate Décopatch giraffes and subsequently display them throughout Horsham District.

Celebrities associated with the giraffe's charities signed the giraffes to add value before auctioning them off for charity.

For us, the highlight of the Horsham Giraffe Trail was the Giraffe parade that took place across Horsham Town Centre.

Gill Lance Textile Artist decorated Fifi our Visit Horsham giraffe. Our chosen 'celebrity' was the The Lonely Knight who famously completed a charity walk in a full authentic medieval suit of armor and sword.

The Lonely Knight had walked from Worthing to Buckingham palace in time to present a rose for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

One the day of the Horsham giraffe parade, the Lonely Knight escorted Fifi around Horsham Town centre before joining us for a hard-earned meal and beer (or two!) in Bill's.





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