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Horsham Swim School

About Horsham Swim School:

At the Horsham Swim School, we recognise the importance of this and are dedicated to providing relaxed, fun, swimming lessons for children and adults of all ages in luxury, private Pools. Our goal is to promote water safety and accurate technique whilst instilling water confidence and a love of the water!

‘Our swimming pool Morriswood’ is a luxury, private Pool that is kept at an ambient 34 degrees Celsius, giving babies, children and adults the opportunity to hone their swimming techniques in comfort. The Pool has been specially designed with Swimming coaching in mind as it sports four individual Changing Rooms and ample parking located within the tranquility of the countryside.

Horsham Swim School only employ very experienced Swimming teachers, many of whom are mothers themselves, and run small classes with a maximum of 6 Children – this keeps our classes sociable, whilst allowing the Pupil to have more than adequate individual attention within a nurturing environment.

If you choose us to instruct your baby or young Child, our Instructor will be in the Pool with you to guide you at every stage of your journey, allowing peace of mind for you as a Parent, whilst making the lesson fun and interactional.

Although enjoyment is at the heart of what Horsham Swim School does, your Swimming Instructor will be following a highly evolved, developmental Swim England training plan, to ensure your child is individually progressing over a 12-14 week course. Your Swimming Teacher will gently build your child’s confidence in the water with fun exercises and eventually your little one will learn to be comfortable on and under the water. Seeing your child laughing and splashing in the water whilst engaging with specially designed songs and activities really is a very gratifying experience.

At Horsham Swim School we believe that children should be richly rewarded for their success. Children will be regularly awarded swimming badges and certificates from the ASAs “Discovery Duckling” and “I can” award schemes in recognition of their achievements.

Whatever your age, whatever your swimming ability the Horsham Swim School can help.

For further information please visit or you can reach the Horsham Swim School on 07497 647220 email

Horsham Swim School is a full Visit Horsham Member.


Horsham Swim School is a full Visit Horsham Member.


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