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Little Notes Toddler and Pre-school Sessions

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Little Notes at The Christian Life Centre

Jan. 18, 2022 | 9:30 a.m.

Toddler and Pre-school sessions in Horsham take place on Tuesdays at Christian Life Centre, East Street/Parkway (switching to online sessions if live classes are closed due to lockdown) and on Fridays at St Mary's Barn, Causeway.

You can join our baby and pre-school classes at any time throughout the term. If you are seeking a class for more than one sibling to attend together, please look for a class aimed at your eldest child.

Our Spring Term runs from Friday 7th January to Tuesday 5th April, with a half-term break week beginning 21st February.

Class times are as follows and are based around the age of your child in January 2022 (there's always a little bit of leeway with ages, but if you're unsure please aim for the older class for your child's age):

Tuesday 9:30, 2-4 years with Mark
Tuesday 10:30, 1-2 years with Mark
Tuesday 11:30, 9-18 months with Mark

Event Venue:Christian Life Centre

Event Promoter:Little Notes

Event Tags: #music #musiclessons

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