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Touch Rugby

Horsham Rugby Club

June 18, 2021 | 7 p.m.


Following on from the success of the touch league during April, we have decided to run an open touch rugby session, for players to come to the club Friday nights between 7 - 8pm and play some relaxed touch before a refreshing drink in the bar!

All abilities & new players welcome to these sessions, no rugby experience needed so invite friends and family to join in - Just remember, boots are needed for the AGP when it's available (Ideally moulded studs). We will run it as a pay per session at £2 per player, you can use the O2Touch app below to pay.

So we can maximise benefits and minimise admin we are going to run the session in partnership with O2 Touch, the RFU partner for the touch rugby program. This will mean two things, firstly that you will be registered and 'checked in' for track and trace, plus (and most importantly I'm sure), for each session you attend you earn points which you can spend on STASH on the England Rugby club hub store (T Shirts, hoodies, jackets, balls etc.) - Points literally mean prizes!

Download app below

Step 1: Download the app - Search O2 Touch on App Store / Play store
Step 2: Register and set Horsham as 'Home Centre'
Step 3: Find the session for Friday and change your status to :'I'm going!' (Important) - You can pay here too.
Step 4: Turn up Friday, have fun, enjoy a drink afterwards and repeat the following week!

Please ensure you are checked into the session on arrival - If you have followed the above steps it should automatically check you in when you drive into the car park (if you have your phone on you and have put status as attending) The volunteers running the session can manually add you to the session. - No check in, no points, no prizes!

I would like 3/4 volunteers to help corral the masses and keep everything running smoothly, it won't take a lot, literally pull out the, cones, balls and bibs then check players in. Please send me a message/email/Whatsapp if you can help out - Without volunteers nothing runs! We will also need referees to help run these sessions, whether that is volunteers who want to play and referee or anyone who wants to run around and just referee, drop me a line or put your hand up on the night.

I am hoping to host a touch rugby referee course at the club in the next few weeks, if anyone is interested in getting involved let me know.

This will need to be 18+ unless we are able to get volunteers with a valid club DBS. If under 18 and a parent/guardian are in attendance that is fine for that player.

Please be aware, there are league games from 8pm so please clear the AGP once finished so the games can start on time.

Any questions or want to help out send me an message.



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