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Beginners 6 Week Course

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Hush Yoga

Jan. 9, 2022 | 1 p.m.

Sundays 1-2.15pm

This course is for anyone looking for a genuinely accessible, thorough introduction to yoga, or as a refresher to return to regular practice.

We will teach the fundamentals of a balanced yoga practice - postures, breath-work, meditation and relaxation - from scratch, under the watch of a highly trained, experienced teacher.

At the end of the course our intention is that you will have practiced the core yoga postures whilst having experienced the calming, centering benefits of other pivotal aspects of yoga such as guided relaxation and meditation.

Students will need to be able to get down to, and up from the floor with relative ease. (If you struggle with this then come and try our Chair Yoga classes, specifically for those with balance and/or mobility issues)

Course content-

Each week will be based on a different theme, but all will include: Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A), poses (asanas), the importance of breath (pranayama), gentle meditation, safe alignment of the body and use of props.

9 Jan - Week 1 - Breath: To learn about the breathing methods for yoga asana practice. Explore breathing in different yoga postures: seated, standing, twisting, folding and supine.

16 Jan - Week 2 - Foundation: Every posture is built on a strong foundation, including seated, supine, standing and inversion poses. With a good foundation, each posture becomes stable and strong.

23 Jan - Week 3 - Standing & Balancing: Reinforcing having a strong foundation in order to build stable standing postures, including balancing postures.

30 Jan - Week 4– Forward Folds & Twists: Find calmness in the postures, draw the mind inward to create length in the body and awareness of the breath.

6 Feb - Week 5 – Chest Opening and Easy Inversions: Open and release the front body, improve our posture and release the emotions that are stored in our body. Experience easy inversions that help improve circulation and energy while deepening relaxation.

13 Feb - Week 6 – Full Sequence Class: Integrate all the knowledge and techniques you learnt from previous weeks and apply it to your yoga practice.

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