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Cancer Yoga Workshop

Sedgwick Park

Dec. 4, 2021 | 2 p.m.

A Yoga Workshop For People Living With And After Cancer

Lisa Jacques is specialist ‘Yoga for Cancer’ teacher and oncology nurse working with cancer patients for 16 years.

Join her for this nourishing two hour workshop designed specifically for people affected by cancer.

Yoga can be hugely helpful in enabling people to cope with the physical side effects of their cancer treatment and with the emotional, spiritual and psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

This is a two hour workshop for:
- People recently diagnosed with cancer
- People receiving treatment for cancer
- People recovering from recent cancer treatment
- People living with the longer term effects of cancer and its treatment
- People thriving after a cancer diagnosis and treatment
- Your friends and family support network

Research shows that yoga has stress-reducing effects for people going through cancer treatment and that the benefits of yoga go beyond that of simple stretching exercise and appear to have long-term durability.

Yoga has been shown to improve physical and psychological symptoms, quality of life measures, fatigue, inflammation and markers of immunity in people with cancer.

During this workshop you will:
- Look at the practices of self-compassion and loving kindness (known as ‘Metta’ from the Buddhist yoga tradition) using simple but powerful meditation practices.
- Work with some breath practices (pranayama) to develop presence and stillness. These practices have a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system via the vagus nerve promoting relaxation and rest.
- Mindfully move into some gentle yoga postures (asana) with a focus on acceptance and loving kindness. These postures can be modified for all abilities and stages of cancer treatment.
- Be guided through the powerful practice of deep relaxation using Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) allowing any tension in the body to dissolve, the mind to become less busy and for fear, pain or worry to subside. Yoga Nidra is a deep and progressive way of relaxing the body and creating a deep brainwave state.

The intention is for you to feel nourished and nurtured and to have some simple practices you can take home with you.

Event Venue:Sedgwick Park

Event Promoter:Total Therapy Studios

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