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Inversions Workshop

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Hush Yoga

Nov. 20, 2021 | 2 p.m.

Learn to balance upside down during this 2 hour inversion workshop!

Inversions can be great fun to practise and can help you to feel stimulated, refreshed, uplifted and focused.

They are great for challenging both body and mind and they are a wonderful way to help you build confidence and trust within.

During this workshop, we will begin by warming up the body through vinyasa inspired yoga to prepare for inversions such as crow pose (bakasana), headstand (sirsasana), forearm stand (pincha mayurasana) and other arm balance variations.

We will explore preparatory poses and variations and find proper alignment to most efficiently enter these postures confidently and how to get out of them safely.

This workshop will be interwoven with elements of strength, lightheartedness and fun to help you see life from a different perspective!

All levels of experience are welcome, as we will build on various layers of these inversions to help you choose a version that feels best for your practise now and how to progress from there in future.

Event Venue:Hush Yoga

Event Promoter:Hush Yoga

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