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Design a Christmas Light‬ was a competition run in 2019 by Visit Horsham on behalf of Gala Lights and Horsham District Council.

Horsham's children were invited to submit their designs for a custom-made Christmas Light that would be installed on the The Forum.

We at Visit Horsham asked 6 of our members to be judges to make their choices based on criteria that included "originality and imagination".

The winning design was "Christmas T-Rex" by 6 year old John from Horsham. It soon became known as 'Tree Rex' as was a popular feature of Horsham's 2019 Christmas lights.

We at Visit Horsham were keen to ensure that ALL eligible entries submitted went on show in the Horsham Town Centre. To achieve this, we collated all the designs and produced graphics that Horsham District Council used to create two tree wraps for display in the Carfax and Medwin Walk.

The original graphics are available on the 'Downloads' section at the bottom of this page (the files are quite larges, so they may take a few seconds to display).