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Horsham's Children get a chance to design a Christmas Light for Horsham 2019

This search is on for a Children’s Christmas Light Design!

Visit Horsham in partnership with Horsham District Council and Gala Lights are inviting submissions from the children of Horsham.

To submit a design simply photograph your child's drawing and post it onto the Entry Thread on the Horsham Facebook page.

Our special panel of local people will choose the best design based on its originality, artistic merit, and practicability of manufacture.

Here's an example of a suitable design and the process involved:

The successful design will be manufactured and fitted to one of the lamposts in The Forum with a target installation date and switch-on of Friday 6th December.

To have the best chance of success the design needs to comprise of simple shapes and motifs that can be formed from rope lights.

Parents should retain the child's original drawing for verification prior to manufacture.

Submissions can be made up to 5pm on Monday 14th October.

Good luck to all who participate!

Horsham Town centre Christmas lights, apart from the Community Christmas Tree, are funded from the Neighbourhood Councils’ Special Charge.
By Gavin Hewins | Oct. 4, 2019, 5:55 p.m.