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Blokes Yoga Workshop

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Hush Yoga

Jan. 22, 2022 | 2 p.m.

So, if your body isn’t quite what it was and touching your toes is a distant memory then this introduction to BlokesYoga will help you rediscover the flexible and mobile body that lurks underneath all your aches and pains!

This is a non-judgmental, leave your ego at home workshop for Men wanting to learn to be more flexible and agile but don't want to be self-conscious doing it.

I’ll be taking you on a 2-hour journey through the fundamentals of Yoga, taken from the Hatha and Yin paths, practicing postures and exploring breathing techniques, to build a rounded yoga practice that will inspire you to continue your journey.

We’ll be looking at the specific benefits of Yoga on the male body, a body that has often been subjected to physical work, sport or the immobility of office work! We’ll also be taking a look at the amazing benefits Yoga brings to the mind as well as the body with some deep relaxation to round up the workshop.

Event Venue:Hush Yoga

Event Promoter:Hush Yoga

Event Tags: #workshops #yoga #yogasessions


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