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Gigabit Full-Fibre Internet has landed in Horsham

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For the first time, Horsham residents and businesses can get broadband connection speeds of up to one Gigabit (1000Mbps), which is among the fastest connection speeds available in the UK today.  Hey!Broadband will launch its full fibre broadband services in the second week of February, 2020.   The first deployment includes 5,000 premises in select areas near central Horsham, and other areas will be considered in the future.

Up until now, Horsham residents could only get broadband service over hybrid fibre-and- copper-based broadband, which meant slower speeds and dropped connections- especially during peak times. Full fibre, on the other hand, connects fibre from the exchange directly into homes and offices- and this makes a massive difference in terms of speed and reliability.

Hey!Broadband offers Gigabit internet speeds for both downloading and uploading-  a whopping twenty-two times faster than the average broadband speed in the U.K.  Now many Horsham residents can go beyond the limits of copper wire and upgrade their broadband to a full fibre connection, which is better suited to the needs of today’s households.  It allows residents to connect several of the latest devices simultaneously- such as 4K TV and low-latency HD games- and get full speed and no interruptions in service, even at peak times.  Hey!Broadband also offers full fibre solutions for businesses. In addition to Gigabit speed, they can have bespoke solutions including leased lines and enhanced SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to suit each business’s needs.

Horsham Council’s Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, Cllr Paul Clarke said: “We welcome the news that some residents of Horsham will soon have an opportunity to benefit from gigabit-capable broadband.

This is an exciting time and I am pleased we are getting on the front foot by discussing with suppliers how best to develop attractive commercial models to deliver better broadband coverage.”

This long-awaited full fibre has been deployed by F&W Networks, a fibre infrastructure company. Its sister company, Hey!Broadband, sells broadband services on its network. Together, the companies plan to expand into other regions across the UK to bring full-fibre broadband to communities, as only 11% of homes in a few areas in the UK today have access to full fibre.

Anyone who is interested in having the full fibre network deployed in their neighbourhood are encouraged to register their interest online on  www.heybroadband.co.uk , or to call Hey!Broadband  on 0808 168 1616 or alternatively email them at  info@heyb.co.uk ; doing so is free with no commitment to join. Those who register will be contacted as soon as there is any change to their coverage status.

By Gavin Hewins | Feb. 5, 2020, 4 p.m.

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