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Latest major retailers sign up to help local rough sleepers

Horsham’s branches of John Lewis and Waitrose added their names to a growing list of local outlets who have signed up to help support rough sleepers across the Horsham District.

Horsham District Council’s Homeless team launched a new initiative in partnership with local community group Horsham Matters and non-profit organisation Greater Change to help combat homelessness in the Horsham District earlier in July this year, giving local residents and visitors a more effective way of donating directly to people living on the streets.

Other outlets who have signed up for the new donation scheme include: The Capitol Theatre and Crates Local Produce.

Greater Change is a homelessness non-profit service which makes it possible for people to donate cashlessly to homeless individuals to help them achieve their longer term goals and rebuild their lives.

The service is facilitated by community group Horsham Matters who nominate individual rough sleepers and refer them to the Greater Change organisation.

Homeless individuals, with help from Horsham Matters, set tangible funding goals for what they need to achieve: a rent deposit, fees for a training course or perhaps help to buy furniture when they find accommodation.

Contactless donation points have been set up by the Council in areas that benefit from high footfall such as public buildings, shops and cafes.

All people need to do to donate is to tap their debit or credit card or via Apple Pay to the donation terminal and their money will go directly to Greater Change where it will start to benefit the homeless in the Horsham District.

Commenting on the new donation scheme and its early success, Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Community Matters and Wellbeing Cllr Tricia Youtan said:

“We know that people who live in and visit the Horsham area want to help rough sleepers and many are really generous to people on the streets.

“However, it is important that their money goes to the most appropriate channels where it can be used most effectively and this new scheme helps direct the money exactly to where it is most effective.

“I am delighted that this new donation scheme is enjoying such success already and would encourage other outlets to sign up for the scheme to help combat rough sleeping in our District.

“Do look out for the donation points in local outlets and please do give what you can.”

If any local businesses wish to sign up for the scheme and display a donation point to help us combat homelessness in the Horsham District, please email housing@horsham.gov.uk

For media queries please email press@horsham.gov.uk

By Gavin Hewins | Sept. 5, 2019, 2:30 p.m.