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Local Author Lee Wellings at Waterstones

Horsham-based author, journalist & broadcaster Lee Wellings will be signing copies of his book ‘The Dilly Dong Bell’ at Waterstones in Horsham town centre on Saturday May 7th between 11am and 1pm.

It’s a book about sport, society and life. The small boy fell in love with the game, but when grew up to report on sport around the world, he saw the game lose its way. 
Mismanagement, greed and cheating took over, and fans became ‘taken for granted’.

This is a book for people who love sport, but its written to include those who don’t. Racism, misogyny, mental health, kind leadership and climate crisis are amongst subjects explored. 

Lee’s reconnection of the joy of sport came largely through his family’s move to Horsham and his support of Horsham FC - the book celebrates a wonderful club for our community.

The title is inspired by Claudio Ranieri, the wise Italian who managed his Leicester team to a miracle with an inspirational personality and an imaginary bell. 

Lee will be signing first edition hardback copies, published by projectispublishing.com

By Gavin Hewins | April 20, 2022, 1:40 p.m.