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Pennthorpe launch ‘Seasonal Spectacular’ Art Exhibition at John Lewis

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Pennthorpe have announced the launch of its ‘Seasonal Spectacular’ Art Exhibition, set to captivate visitors at John Lewis Horsham, Horsham, from Sunday, 11th February to Saturday, 17th February 2024.

Embracing the beauty of nature and the enchantment of the changing seasons, this exhibition is a collective effort showcasing the artistic talents of Pennthorpe's children. Led by Mrs Rachel Shadlock, Head of Art & Design, this display promises a visual journey through the landscapes of the seasons, as envisioned by the young artists.

Inspired by the vibrant colours, textures, lifeform and transformations that define the seasons, the installations in store will comprise of sculptures, collages and ceramics. Children from Reception through to Year 8 have contributed artwork to this extraordinary showcase. In addition, some of the older Pennthorpians have integrated their Design and Technology (DT) pieces to complement this immersive experience. Each display will be located on the first floor of John Lewis, Horsham.

Under the guidance of Mrs Shadlock and Mrs Bagdone, DT Teacher and Art Technician, the artistic vision has been meticulously nurtured, emphasising the children's individual interpretation and creativity. The brief provided a clear yet flexible framework, allowing the children to produce pieces that reflect their unique perspective. Creativity, at the heart of Pennthorpe, takes centre stage in this exhibition, serving as both a testament to the pupils’ artistic talents and a celebration of the magic found in the ever-changing seasons of the natural world.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with John Lewis to bring the Seasonal Spectacular Art Exhibition to the Horsham community," said Mrs Shadlock, Head of Art & Design at Pennthorpe. "This exhibition not only showcases the immense creativity of our students but also invites viewers to experience the beauty and wonder of the seasons through the eyes of our yJohn Lewis, Horsham, welcomes the community to join in the celebration of this unique collaboration, offering an immersive and visually stunning experience for all visitors. The Seasonal Spectacular promises to be a highlight for art enthusiasts, families and anyone looking to be inspired by the magic of the natural world as interpreted by the children of Pennthorpe. Charlie South, Events & Marketing, John Lewis Horsham, says, "We are delighted to welcome Pennthorpe School into John Lewis, Horsham and to host their ‘Seasonal Spectacular’ Art Exhibition. It's a great opportunity for the children's work to be viewed by a broader audience and we hope that our customers enjoy seeing something different in store that enhances their shopping experience.

Mr Chris Murray, Head of Pennthorpe, says, “I take immense pride in the creative accomplishments of our children, who, with the support of both Mrs Shadlock and Mrs Bagdone, have wholeheartedly embraced their artistic spirit, resulting in the creation of these remarkable installations. I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to John Lewis for their support during this process and for affording us the chance to showcase the artistic talent that flourishes here at Pennthorpe”.

For more information on this news, please visit: https://www.pennthorpe.com/john-lewis-art-exhibition/

By Gavin Hewins

Published Feb. 10, 2024, 11:56 a.m.