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Two Tics musical duo reform for Tourettes benefit concert

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Popular local musicians Paul Stanworth and Thain Monahan are reforming their musical duo for a Tourette's benefit concert.

Paul and Thain had previously performed together many years ago as 'Two Tics' to raise awareness of Tourette's syndrome.

Both Paul and Thain were diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in their twenties after struggling through childhood with their tics. 

Tourette's syndrome is a neurological condition which causes involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements called tics.

We caught up with Paul and Thain back in July at the Horsham Battle of the Bands, where Paul was a contestant and Thain was a judge. 

During the conversation, they told us about the previous incarnation of Two Tics and that they were considering revisiting the project.

Thain told Visit Horsham, "My tourettes wasn't recognised in my childhood, which was incredibly challenging, and music was my saviour during the most difficult times." 

Paul and Thain have both embraced their shared syndrome in their music and have used it to change people's perceptions of this much-misunderstood condition.

For example, Tourette syndrome is often associated with coprolalia, a symptom which involves the involuntary and repetitive use of offensive language. Only around 10% of people with Tourette syndrome have coprolalia, but this is often the first thing people think of when meeting or talking about somebody with the condition. Coprolalia is often considered fair game for comedians, reinforcing the association and has stigmatised and mocked people with Tourette syndrome.

Two Tics aims to change attitudes around Tourettes while showing young people with the syndrome what's achievable in music!

The first event for the newly reformed Two Tics is a fundraiser to be held at Goffs Park Social Club. Two Tics are hosting but will likely sing a song or two themselves.

The lineup includes popular local bands Sabotage, Rokh and the Furious Badgers and aims to raise funds for musical instruments to be donated to students with Tourettes.

For more information see the Facebook event: Two Tics Presents - Music for Tourettes


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By Gavin Hewins,

Published Sept. 24, 2023, 2:26 p.m.