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Horsham Charity Shops - Horsham Matters

Horsham Matters Ltd is a social enterprise set up by Horsham Churches Together (HCT) whose aim is to deliver projects that provide practical support to those who are in need in the local area. We are committed to helping those who are unable for whatever reason to help themselves. We do not make any judgement on why someone is in the situation they are but aim first to meet their practical needs and then working with partner organisations to help them wider issues such as debt advice, pregnancy counselling or addiction.

The only restriction we place on our projects is that they are principally (but not only) for the benefit of residents of the Horsham District. We aim to respond to any need whether we identify it ourselves or it comes as a request from a partner. If there is a gap that is not being filled by another organisation we will always consider if we can act in response. If we are not best placed to deliver a service in response we will look first to work with partners in the HCT family, then other organisations. If we are unable or it is not appropriate for us to respond we will look to use our Community Fund to provide grants to other organisations to do so.

We are able to provide a wide selection of furniture, white goods and other household items as well as cots, prams and other essential baby equipment. We are happy to help anyone who is struggling, whether they make contact directly or are referred to us by another organisation. We currently help one or two clients a week (but have peaked at nine) and provide each one with an average of £190 worth of goods. Our community clients range from single mums to large families and older, retired people.

We work closely with a number of partners including the County, District, Parish and Neighbourhood Councils, Sussex Central YMCA and Central Sussex College to address the needs of young people in our local community. In partnership with the Parish and Neighbourhood Councils we are delivering community based youth work across the Horsham District. We also provide the Horsham Young Person Advocacy Service and support the Youth Support Team, working with young people in parks and open spaces during summer evenings. We are supporting the YMCA in delivering an alcohol education programme and are working with them to deliver an apprenticeship programme and to explore the opportunities for more vocational training opportunities.

On behalf of Horsham Churches Together we are supporting the delivery of a winter night shelter, providing a meal and accommodation for up to eight homeless guests each night and are currently developing a food distribution project

We continue to explore how to address new needs arising from changes to the benefits system and Community Care grants and hope to have new projects up and running later in the year.

Our work is funded through income generated by sales of donated furniture, electrical items (both white goods and other items) and household goods (including bric-a-brac, linens, books, toys and games) from our Community Charity Centre in Guildford Road, Horsham. The Centre is supported from our Donations Centre and warehouse in Blatchford Road where all goods are received and sorted and where the charity offices are located.

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