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New Head Chef and New Menu at The Crabtree

The Crabtree in Lower Beeding has welcomed a new Head Chef, Richard Wood.

Image: Dishes Shown:

1. Pannacotta, 2. Salt and pepper squid, 3. Chinese five spice braised pork belly, 4. Lightly spiced chickpea pikelets, 5. Crabtree smoked duck breast, 6. Saffron pickled mackerel fillet

Richard is by far the most experienced Head Chef the Crabtree has ever had. His last position was Head Chef at the Glyndebourne Opera House. His previous restaurants include The Boxwood Café, Fleur, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and the eponymous ‘Aubergine’ - arguably 4 of the best restaurants ever.

Image: Head Chef Richard Wood and his team at The Crabtree

Having been involved with several of the world’s gastronomic greats, Richard is now poised to use his taste buds to put his own culinary stamp on the map via the kitchen at the Crabtree.

Everything on the new Crabtree Menu from daily dishes to delicious fresh breads, ice creams, sorbets and truffles, be produced by Richard and his team from scratch, using fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from the local suppliers that Richard will be closely working with.

The Crabtree on Visit Horsham

The Crabtree Menu on Visit Horsham

By Gavin Hewins | Sept. 25, 2019, 4 p.m.